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Titanfall 2 Infographic – Competitive and Balance Stats

What’s the current state of the game? Is it dead? No. Is it flourishing? Well, no. Titanfall 2 is far from being dead, but also far from a wealthy life. I was able to make an infographic which represents...

Titanfall 2 – Update (January 2017)

With the upcoming update for Titanfall 2, we’re going to see two major changes: Live Fire Mixtape Playlist   Live Fire: Live Fire is a new round-based gamemode, similar to Marked for Death Pro in...

Titanfall 2 – Modding Crosshair

Posted by: Wanty on October 20, 2016 • Tags: Titanfall 2 - Modding

Modding in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 is possible by unpacking VPK files (which store game assets) and then modifying the contents before repacking. This can be done for a variety of reasons, though...

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