Titanfall 2 Tournament #2 – Last Titan Standing 3 VS 3


3 VS 3 Last Titan Standing


Tournament run on: Saturday, January 28 2017 5PM CET or UTC+01:00


The game mode is Last Titan Standing (LTS)

Limits & conditions :

  • Every player in the team needs to have a different titan
  • You need to have three people to participate in the tournament.

Check information for single player sign up

  • Maximum 140 ping on EU servers

Not allowed :

  • smart pistol
  • No glitches or exploits, charge rifle swapping exploit, vortex shield durability etc.
  • Vortex amplifier (ion kit)

If you are absent in the time of the tournament, it’s automatically considered as a loss. Also the same for any rules violation.

Sign up, Information & Contact

When a player disconnects during the match, work out a solution with the other team, if the disconnected person does not come back online, find a replacement for the player. The team without a disconnected player can judge after five minutes whether to go on or wait.

For sign up send a message with the 3 Origin player name here on Reddit post or on Discord server. Don’t forgot to say who is the group leader.

If you don’t have a Team, sign up as a free Agent, teams with one player missing can get in contact with you and you form a team together.

If you plan on streaming the tournament as spectator or player, send a message to one of the mods listed in the Information below with a link to their Twitch.


Add on Origin : W4NT9DRE4M / DirectXeon / NS_SW4P

NoSkill Community Discord : NoSkill Community Discord server

Team list : Google Sheets

Bracket : Challonge

Reddit post : Reddit


To make management easier please join Discord 30 minutes before the tournament run time..

One player of each team will put a screenshot on Discord for the result.

Also don’t forget to add some tournament managers on Origin.


Coming soon pilots, we lost BT-NS CPU :3

Want help us to make better/bigger prize ? Just send a message and we will talk about it 🙂