Night Fight bot commands


!add <pickup name> or !<pickup name> – adds you to specified pickups.
!remove <pickup name> or -<pickup name> – removes you from specified pickups.
!remove or — – removes you from all pickups.
!expire time – Sets new time delay after you will be removed from all pickups, example: ‘!expire 1h 2m 3s’.
!default_expire time – Set your personal default !expire time or set autoremove on afk status.
!sub – request sub for last game.



!who [pickup[ pickup …]] – list of users added to a pickups.
!pickups – list of all pickups on the channel.
!noadds – show list of users who are disallowed to play pickups.


PICKUP MANAGEMENT (Night Fight role only):

!restart – restart random matchmaking (after a game for exemple)

!reset – reset all pickups