Tournament #3 Winners

Another month and another tournament come to an end. It’s safe to say that Titanfall 2 Capture the Flag Tournament was the most memorable on yet. We had a lot of people streaming this tournament, but we will get to that a bit later.

Every month, the number of participants increase and this time is no different. Compared to our most recent tournament(Titanfall 2 LTS) prior to this one, the number of participants increased by 45% and we couldn’t be happier watching this number grow each month.

Congratulations to team GLD on winning this month’s tournament! You are walking home with a total of €16. It’s not as much as last time but we’re working on getting prizes as big as we can each month.

The team leader of GLD will be contacted by me(DirectXeon) on Discord within next 24 hours from when this post was published, to claim and receive their prize.

Also, Congratulations to DiJ for making it all the way to the final round. It definitely wasn’t an easy task and your team will surely be remembered.


And now, a special “thank you” to people who streamed our tournament live on Because of you, people who didn’t participate in the tournament had a chance to watch it live and experience it in a way they feel enjoyable from many perspectives.


You all gave your best today and I can tell it was quite intense on streams – especially the final round. Thank you all for participating is this tournament. I hope you had loads of fun and hopefully, we see you in future tournaments we host.

Until next time, STAND BY FOR TITANFALL.