Titanfall 2 – Modding crosshair

Modding in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 is possible by unpacking VPK files (which store game assets) and then modifying the contents before repacking. This can be done for a variety of reasons, though primarily to create new skins and textures for the game.


First and foremost, it is essential that you make a backup of the two vanilla VPK’s that we will be working with. If you replace them and then make a mistake in future you will likely end up having to redownload 2GB of files.

Navigate to your Origin Games\Titanfall2\vpk folder and find this VPK file:

  • englishclient_mp_common.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk
  • client_mp_common.bsp.pak000_000.vpk

Copy these file and paste them in an empty folder somewhere else.

You will also need Cra0kalo’s Titanfall VPK Tool, the program which will allow you to open and repack Titanfall VPK files.


Now that these files have been backed up and everything installed, open the VPK Tool and go to File > Open. Navigate to your Origin Games\Titanfall2\vpk folder and open the

  • englishclient_mp_common.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk

At this point, make a folder called “TF2” or something easy for you to identify at the location where you intend to extract the contents of the VPK.

Back in the VPK Tool, click “Extract All” (second from the right on the top bar) and navigate to your newly created folder. Select the folder to extract your files.

After the extraction is complete, open the folder where you extracted your files and delete the “extracted_logs” folder.


Go to \scripts\weapons 

Every weapon file contains the crosshair information under Crosshair_1

To change the crosshair you have to change this ui/crosshair with the one you want. Check the different files to copy the one you want and replace it.

For example change ui/crosshair_tri in the R-97 or CAR file to ui/crosshair_alternator to get the Alternator crosshair.

Crosshair code

 ui/crosshair_tri  ui/crosshair_charge_rifle
 ui/crosshair_alternator  ui/crosshair_circle2
 ui/crosshair_shotgun  ui/crosshair_smr
 ui/crosshair_mastiff  ui/crosshair_mozambique
 ui/crosshair_satchel  ui/crosshair_wingman_n
 ui/crosshair_firestar  ui/crosshair_gravstar
 ui/crosshair_leadwall  ui/crosshair_flight_core
ui/crosshair_grenade_launcher ui/crosshair_scorch
ui/crosshair_wingman ui/crosshair_plus
ui/crosshair_esmoke ui/crosshair_pulse_blade
ui/crosshair_titan_sniper ui/crosshair_40mm
ui/crosshair_mine    ui/crosshair_heat_shield
ui/crosshair_frag ui/crosshair_arc

Is possible to use multiple crosshair at the same time, like in this example:


            "ui"                        "ui/crosshair_wingman_n"

            "base_spread"                "0"
                isFiring                weapon_is_firing

But don’t forgot to change this value for the amount of crosshair you add.

active_crosshair_count                                 “1”

If you want add a crosshair on a weapon who don’t have any of them by default you need to add “manually” the crosshair values entirely, following this exemple:



    active_crosshair_count                "1"

   rui_crosshair_index                   “0”





          adjustedSpread               weapon_spread

          adsFrac                    player_zoomFrac

          isSprinting                   player_is_sprinting

          isReloading                   weapon_is_reloading

          teamColor                   crosshair_team_color

          isAmped                       weapon_is_amped

          crosshairMovementX          crosshair_movement_x

          crosshairMovementY          crosshair_movement_y





          “ui”                       “ui/crosshair_circle2”

          “base_spread”               “0.0”



              isFiring               weapon_is_firing




Don’t forgot to add that part before the last } in the file, wouldn’t work if you add values after the last one.

File name

Assault Rifle

Carbine R-201C - mp_weapon_rspn101.txt
Carbine R-101C - mp_weapon_rspn101_og.txt
Hemlock BF-R - mp_weapon_hemlok.txt
V-47 Flatline - mp_weapon_vinson.txt
G2A5 - mp_weapon_g2.txt


Alternator - mp_weapon_alternator_smg.txt
CAR - mp_weapon_car.txt
R-97 - mp_weapon_r97.txt
Volt - mp_weapon_hemlok_smg.txt


EVA 8 Auto - mp_weapon_shotgun.txt
Mastiff - mp_weapon_mastiff.txt


Longbow DMR - mp_weapon_dmr.txt
Double Take - mp_weapon_doubletake.txt
Kraber - mp_weapon_sniper.txt


Devotion - mp_weapon_esaw.txt
Spitfire - mp_weapon_lmg.txt
L-STAR - mp_weapon_lstar.txt


EPG - mp_weapon_epg.txt
EM-4 Cold War - mp_weapon_pulse_lmg.txt
Sidewinder SMR - mp_weapon_smr.txt
Softball - mp_weapon_softball.txt


RE-45 Auto - mp_weapon_autopistol.txt
Wingman - mp_weapon_wingman.txt
Wingman Elite - mp_weapon_wingman_n.txt
P2016 - mp_weapon_semipistol.txt
Mozambique - mp_weapon_shotgun_pistol.txt
Smart Pistol - mp_weapon_smart_pistol.txt


LG-97 Thunderbolt - mp_weapon_arc_launcher.txt
Archer - mp_weapon_rocket_launcher.txt
MGL - mp_weapon_mgl.txt
Charge Rifle - mp_weapon_defender.txt

Titan weapon

Northstar - mp_titanweapon_sniper.txt
Ion - mp_titanweapon_particle_accelerator.txt
Tone - mp_titanweapon_sticky_40mm.txt
Ronin - mp_titanweapon_leadwall.txt
Scorch - mp_titanweapon_meteor.txt
Legion - mp_titanweapon_predator_cannon.txt
Monarch - mp_titanweapon_xo16_vanguard.txt

Titan core

Northstar - mp_titanweapon_flightcore_rockets.txt
Tone - mp_titancore_salvo_core.txt
Ion - mp_titancore_laser_cannon.txt

Titan ability

Ion - mp_titanweapon_vortex_shield_ion.txt
Tone - mp_titanability_sonar_pulse.txt

Titan ordnance

Northstar - mp_titanweapon_dumbfire_rockets.txt
Ion - mp_titanweapon_laser_lite.txt
Ronin - mp_titanweapon_arc_wave.txt
Scorch - mp_titanweapon_flame_wall.txt
Tone - mp_titanweapon_salvo_rockets.txt
Monarch - mp_titanweapon_stun_laser.txt
Firestar - mp_weapon_thermite_grenade.txt
Gravitystar - mp_weapon_grenade_gravity.txt
Satchel - mp_weapon_satchel.txt


Now that this has been completed, open up the VPK Tool once more and go to Tools > Repacker. For the first box, browse to the location of the folder where you put all of the extracted Titanfall content and select it. For the second box, select the location where you want your two VPKs to be created. Leave the VPK file name as is, and then click “Build VPK”.

Once the VPK files have been built, navigate to their location. You will find two files named pak000_000.vpk and pack000_dir.vpk.

  • Rename pak000_000.vpk to client_mp_common.bsp.pak000_000.vpk
  • Rename pak000_dir.vpk to englishclient_mp_common.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk

Place both of the renamed files back into the Origin Games\Titanfall2\vpk directory and then launch the game. You should be able to see your new crosshairs!

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Source for general modding guide: https://wiki.frontier.tf/VPK-Modding