Titanfall 2 Tournament #3 – Capture The Flag 5 VS 5

Date :

Tournament start on : Saturday, February 25 2017 8PM CET

Be sure to read the full damn information

Rules :

Gamemode: Capture The Flag (CTF) 5 VS 5 (This does not omit a team with 6 players, feel free to rotate players as you see fit)


Good sportsmanship: First and foremost this will be looked at with extreme discipline; We want people to get the most out of the game and any malicious, overly offensive remarks will be reasons for a disquallification. If a team or player spreads neagativity in any way the player/team will be considered to be banned from future tournaments, depending on the exact for of negativity


No turtling: No team is allowed to turtle after an early lead by making no progressive efforts to maintain offensive pressure. Lenient discretion will be given if players are chasing flag to stop a cap or have a 2 imbalance etc. This is meant more for teams who get early caps then play 5man defense for the rest of the round.


Server selection: East NA default, if two teams agree they can change to any server. If an australian and an EU team are facing each other the default server is West NA to balance pings.


Limits & conditions :

  • Every players in the team needs to have a different titan
  • 2 arc nades users max per team
  • Only 2 titans on the field at a time.

If a teammate drops a 3rd or more titan that player will have to immediately eject. This will require teams to communicate and coordinate drops. No titan cycling, if a player loses their tone another player cannot drop a new tone, the original player must rebuild his titan drop.


Not allowed :

  • No devotion
  • No boosts
  • No phase shift / pulse blade / A-Wall
  • No glitches or exploits ie flags in hidden walls, charge rifle swapping exploit, vortex shield instant doom etc.

If you are absent in the time of the tournament, it’s automatically considered as a loss. Also the same for any rules violation.


Sign up & Information


When a player disconnects during the match, work out a solution with the other team, if the disconnected person does not come back online, find a replacement for the player. The team without a disconnected player can judge after five minutes whether to go on or wait.

To make management easier please join Discord 30 minutes before the tournament run time. One player of each team will put a screenshot on Discord on the dedicated channel for the result.

If you plan on streaming the tournament as spectator or player, send a message to one of the mods listed in the Information below with a link to their Twitch.

If you have problem for edit your sign up for change player list or whatever please send a message to manager (Discord or Reddit).

Team leaders are required to add at least one tournament manager on Origin (list in Contact & link).


Contact & link

Add on Origin : W4NT9DRE4M (Wanty) / DirectXeon / NS_SW4P (Capy) / shijounosora / Norseman

NoSkill Community DiscordHere

Team list : Here

Challonge (bracket): Here

Reddit post : Here

Donation : https://www.paypal.me/NoSkillCommunity


Prize :

Coming soon pilots, we lost BT-NS CPU :3

Want help us to make better/bigger prize ? Just send a message and we will talk about it 🙂

You can also make a donation on PayPal ! (check link for that)