Titanfall 2 – Update (January 2017)

With the upcoming update for Titanfall 2, we’re going to see two major changes:

  • Live Fire
  • Mixtape Playlist


Live Fire:

Live Fire is a new round-based gamemode, similar to Marked for Death Pro in the original Titanfall where players do not respawn each round, the goal is simply to eliminate all enemy players. To ensure that teams are not camping their own spawn, each team has to fight for the same flag in the middle of the map. Whoever holds the flag at the end of each round or eliminates more enemies, wins a round. This gamemode features a fast-paced gameplay and makes players value their own life in retrospect to a kill they could pick off. Respawn is also trying to implement another competitive mode with Live Fire. Whether it will feature a ranking system like in several other shooters is yet to be seen.

With this new gamemode we’ll be seeing two new mode-specific maps:


A close-quarter map with simple cover possibilities.

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With Meadow we see the reappearance of the community-requested Ziplines from the first Titanfall. Ziplines are a really fast movement tool granting high velocity when dropping off of them, which is maintainable with other different movement mechanics.

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Mixtape Playlist:

Due to some gamemodes being very underpopulated, Respawn decided to introduce a new form of playlist. Mixtape Playlist randomly chooses gamemodes for you. You can decide yourself which gamemodes you want to include in your Playlist (e.g. you can only activate Attrition and Mixtape Playlist will only find Attrition games for you). With this change gamemodes like Capture the Flag are no longer on the shady second page of your Playlist screen. Overall this should encourage players to play other modes rather than the two most famous modes Attrition and Bounty Hunt.

Not included in Mixtape Playlist are Live Fire, Coliseum and Private matches.

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In addition to these major changes we’ll see several bug fixes and balance changes.

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*Date of Update release is not fix yet