!add <pickup name> or !<pickup name> – adds you to specified pickups.
!remove <pickup name> or -<pickup name> – removes you from specified pickups.
!remove or — – removes you from all pickups.
!expire time – Sets new time delay after you will be removed from all pickups, example: ‘!expire 1h 2m 3s’.
!default_expire time – Set your personal default !expire time or set autoremove on afk status.
!sub – request sub for last game.



!who [pickup[ pickup …]] – list of users added to a pickups.
!pickups – list of all pickups on the channel.
!noadds – show list of users who are disallowed to play pickups.


PICKUP MANAGEMENT (Night Fight role only):

!restart – restart random matchmaking (after a game for exemple)

!reset – reset all pickups


What’s the current state of the game? Is it dead? No. Is it flourishing? Well, no.

Titanfall 2 is far from being dead, but also far from a wealthy life. I was able to make an infographic which represents the current state of the game – mostly balance-wise. There’s also a link bellow to the full PDF document available 24/7 which you can download in case if you don’t want to search for this post all the time.

Thanks to Mmesek in our community, who collected all the data and ran the survey to make this infographic possible!

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Another month and another tournament come to an end. It’s safe to say that Titanfall 2 Capture the Flag Tournament was the most memorable on yet. We had a lot of people streaming this tournament, but we will get to that a bit later.

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First up:

This guide requires you to know the very basics of Titanfalls mechanics, moving fast isn’t easy for everyone, mastering these techniques might take more than less practice.

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Today we have surpassed 100K kills on our NS network in Titanfall 2 with the total of 44 players. We have really come a long way ever since the game launched back in October 2016. Thank you, everybody, for being a part of NoSkill!

You know how they say – that’s one small step for a pilot, but a big one for the Frontier 🙂

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Today we hosted the biggest NoSkill Tournament yet. Big both by the number of participants and the prize. We had 9 teams in the tournament with 30(+1) players in total. Everyone gave their best today regardless whether they lost at the beginning or made it all the way through to the end.Continue reading